Ashley High XC- Girls 

In the run-up to this year's WRRC scholarship launch we will be featuring different high schools from across the Cape Fear region. We will meet their senior XC or track team and get to know some of their deserving athletes.

2. Ashley High School Girls XC,  Wilmington

Coach: Shawn McKee

Assistants: Peyton Chitty, Duke Hagestom & Sue Butler

Thank you to Coach Chitty for the squad report!

From left-to-right

Leah Ager

Leah is our team brainiac. She is a diehard Christian McCaffrey fan and everything she owns is Carolina blue. She is a true example of student athlete and will make any team GPA climb.

Angelina DiBlasi

She has been a fixture on the varsity girls team and an integral part of our success. She is a true example of grit and perseverance .

Bianca Copeman

Bianca is a team captain and has been since sophomore year. She has been the glue on the girls varsity team. When I describe Bianca to college coaches I often use the term “Swiss army knife” because she is so versatile in so many disciplines and is a true athlete. Bianca has proven herself in every running event from the 400 m run to the 800 m run, the mile, 2 mile and 5K. She is passionate about running and is a fierce competitor

Emma Holton

Emma is a true workhorse. Not only is she an academic superstar, she shines on the track and on the cross country course. She has been a solid member of the varsity girls team and has shown she knows how to do more than just run. She is a beast at the triple jump.

Kylie Zimmerman

Kylie ran track last year and cross country this year and we are glad to have her here.

Great work Ashley, hot off the press from a strong showing at the NHS Cross Country Champs. We look forward to reading some equally strong applications from Ashley seniors in this year's WRRC Scholarship program!   *** Ashley Boys XC coming soon !!!***

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