New Hanover XC

In the run-up to this year's WRRC scholarship launch we will be featuring different high schools from across the Cape Fear region. We will meet their senior XC or track team and get to know some of their deserving athletes.

1. New Hanover High School XC,  Wilmington

Coach: Greg Zinner

Thank you to Coach Zinner for the squad report!

Abel Zukerman

Abel is in his 4th year of XC. He is a team captain and one of the first at practice and the last to leave. Abel has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that his teammates were comfortable with, and have trusted their new coaches. He leads by example, working as hard as he can whether it be in warm ups, or the actual run. He also puts the needs of his teammates ahead of his own, which is a mark of a natural born leader.

Jonah Koenig

Jonah leads by example; his work ethic is top notch, and he demonstrates excellent leadership skills by always keeping his teammates on task. He’s not afraid to get on fellow runners who are not giving it their best. When schools were closed for the hurricane, he communicated with members of the team to ensure that they were getting in their runs and workouts.  At the Jungle Run 8/31, he was beaten in the last hundred meters by a freshman teammate, he led the celebrations, congratulating the young man for breaking the freshman record at the school and making sure the whole team was aware of the accomplishment.

Pietra Trecco

New Hanover captain & fourth year running cross country. She has been instrumental in keeping the girl’s team in tact, and has gone out of her way to try and attract new runners to the program. She’s very vested in the success of the team not only this year, but in the years beyond. 

Natalie Atento

New Hanover team captain, and in her fourth year running XC at NHHS. Her school spirit is infectious. She is involved in numerous after school programs. Natalie led the drive for the team to participate in a local 5k road race this fall, called ‘She Rocks’ at Hugh Mcrae Park, as the affected student attends NHHS.

Anna Grace Padula

Anna is in her fourth year running cross country at NHHS.  She is very attuned to the welfare of her teammates, making sure that everyone feels like they are valued on the team, and are comfortable fitting in, especially those who are new. Anna leads by example, always working hard in practices with a smile on her face.

Shiori Goto

Shiori is an exchange student from Japan, and in her first year at New Hanover High School. She is always  smiling, and giving it her all in practices and races.

Austin Courtar

First year running XC.  He has run track and field for the past three years, Austin is also very active in the marching band, and does a wonderful job juggling both time consuming responsibilities.

Great work New Hanover High. Shout outs to former coaches Fishetti and Adams, and best wishes to new coach, Zinner for a successful XC season. We look forward to reading some stellar applications from NHHS seniors in this year's WRRC Scholarship program!

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