Battle at the Border

Indigo Farms Market, Calabash, NC

The Battle at the Border is BACK!

July 27th • 8:00 am • Indigo Farms

  • IT'S FREE! No cost to current members.
  • A WRRC Grand Prix Event.
  • The first 100 runners to register and run get a FREE singlet (size is first come first serve!)
  • Bragging rights and Winner's trophy for the winner, and the Snail trophy for the loser.
  • Trophy for the team with the most participants!
  • Free Snacks and Beverages after.
  • Car pool rally from Whole Foods parking lot (6:20 AM) and Port City Java at Brunswick Forest (6:30).

Cross country style event between the Wilmington Roadrunners and the Grand Strand Running Club at Indigo Farms on the Border of North and South Carolina held on the third Saturday in July. The course is a little under 4 miles and takes you through rugged fields, wooded trails, a bridge, and rocky  roads. The course is mostly shaded along the way and marked with directional signs, bright tape, and volunteers from each club.  

Because it is a working farm along the course you will see lots of trees, lily pond, beehives, crops, chickens, pigs, and maybe a snake or two. The event was introduced in 2013 with the Grand Strand Running Club winning the inaugural event . The Wilmington Roadrunners won in both 2014 and 2015 before The Grand Strand gained their revenge in 2016. The Road Runners came back from defeat to win the next two battles before ceding to the trophy back to our friends in 2019, and in 2021 we sent "Snailey" back to its rightful home at the GSRC!

Each runner receives a numbered popsicle stick as they cross the finish line, with the men and women scored separately counting an equal number of runners for each gender from each team. To determine the final score the scores for both genders for each team are then added together and the lowest score is the winning team. 

The format means that every runner's contribution matters in the final tally. You can be the difference as the club competes to take the winner's trophy back to Wilmington.

It is a friendly competition enjoyed by both running clubs. 

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