WRRC Grand Prix

Epic Racing Series Open To All Club Members

Wilmington Road Runners Club 2023 Grand Prix

The 2023 WRRC Grand Prix is Complete!

That's a wrap!

Award winners presented at the Holiday Party!


    • YOU choose the local races YOU want to race and support to earn points.
    • Compete against your peeps and get ranked in your age group across different race divisions.
    • Earn bonus points for volunteering at local races or by participating in special club events.
    • Submit your race results electronically to the Grand Prix committee.
    • Championship awards presented for first and second place male and female points leaders in each age group.
    • Medal awards presented for the first and second fastest times/paces in each age group for each race division. 

This will be the 19th year for this WRRC racing series, open to all club members.

In 2023 the Grand Prix season runs a qualified schedule starting January 1 until the club's 2023 Holiday party. Runners compete to earn the most points in their age group across a number of race divisions:

Upcoming events

Submit your latest race result!

Age Groups (Male & Female):

  • 14 & under
  • 15-19
  • 20-24, 25-29
  • 30-34, 35-39
  • 40-44, 45-49
  • 50-54, 55-59
  • 60-64, 65-69
  • 70-74, 75 & over

Race Divisions:

  • 5K A Division
  • 5K B Division
  • 10K Division
  • 15K Division
  • Half Marathon
  • Full Marathon
  • Trail Run (10K or less)
  • Trail Run (> 10K to 1/2 marathon)
  • Trail Run (Marathon & Ultra)

Submitting Official Results:

Race results are submitted for any qualified races run and are recorded to the division for that race distance.

Road races will use time and trail runs will use race pace. All road course events must be on certified courses in order to qualify for the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix chairman has the final decision on any adjustments to event lengths in the trail run divisions.

More than one race result may be submitted to a selected division during the year. If more than one result is submitted, the fastest time posted will be used. The Grand Prix has two 5K divisions and runners choose which division a valid 5K result will be posted to.

Results are posted to the Grand Prix electronically through the club website and added to the master results list. Results for a qualified race must be posted within 60 days after the race was run or three days prior to the annual WRRC holiday party, whichever is sooner.


The winner of each age group division is the runner with the fastest time or pace and gets fifteen (15) points, second place gets thirteen (13) points, third eleven (11) and so on until five (5) points is reached. After that, submitting a time into a division gets you five (5) points for participating.

The club race events, the Seaside Shuffle 5K and Carolina Beach Trail Trot (4m), include an extra five (5) bonus points in addition to the points outlined above.

Participation on the WRRC team for the Relay for Life and at Battle at the Border also earn five points.

Volunteering at any of the qualified race events earns five (5) points with a maximum of twenty-five (25) points possible for volunteering during the season.

The object of the Grand Prix is to earn as many points as possible across all divisions and events.

Championship Awards:

Championship Awards are given to the first and second place male and female runners in each age group with the most accumulated points across all race divisions and club events.

To qualify to win an age group Championship award, a runner must accumulate a minimum of fifteen (15) points (which can be earned through participation in either of the two club events, Relay for Life, Battle at the Border, or volunteering).

The Championship Awards are very special custom WRRC swag that will be selected by the Grand Prix committee and announced around April 1st of each year.

Division Medal Awards:

Race division medals are given to the male and female runners with the first and second fastest time in each race division for each age group. These medals recognize a top age group ranking in that race category.

Qualification and Other Rules:

  • The age group of a runner for the Grand Prix is determined by their age as of January 1.
  • To be included in the official Grand Prix results, race results must be submitted completely and correctly.
  • The runner must be a member of the WRRC in good standing at the time of any race for which a time is submitted to the Grand Prix results.
  • The runner must be a member of the WRRC in good standing at the close of the Grand Prix and when final calculations determine the winners for each age group and race division.
  • Submitted race results will be reviewed by the committee where such results matter in determining awards.
  • Results submitted for races not on the official list of sanctioned events are accepted at the committee's discretion. As a general guideline results from verifiable events may be used for the 2022 Grand Prix.
  • Submitting a knowingly false result will result in disqualification from the Grand Prix.
  • Submitting a result where another person ran in your place or otherwise provided a time for a race you did not actually run will result in disqualification from the Grand Prix.
  • Evidence of cheating brought to the committee’s attention on any submitted result, such as course cutting or other types of improper assistance, will be reviewed and if found to be credible may result in the race result being rejected or the runner disqualified from the Grand Prix.


Qualified Local Races:

The following events are currently recognized by the Committee for submission as Grand Prix race results. Club members may nominate other local or regional events for consideration to the Committee for inclusion into the Grand Prix by sending their request to grandprix@wilmingtonroadrunners.org. Due to the endemic some of these events may have been cancelled, deferred, or forgotten, so this list is likely not complete or fully accurate. When in doubt, submit your race results!


  • Beethoven 5k
  • Holden Beach
  • Oak Island
  • Polar Plunge
  • UNCW Homecoming
  • Oak Island
  • Miracles in Motion
  • Blue Ribbon Run
  • Cardinal Strut
  • Steve Haydu Lo Tide Run
  • Sunset Beach
  • Susan G Komen
  • Tinted Turtle
  • Hound Hustle
  • Oak Island
  • Volunteer 5K
  • Earth & Surf fest
  • EmergeOrtho
  • MGCS
  • NHRMC Good For You
  • Sally’s Run
  • Semper Paratus
  • Teachers Trot
  • Wilma Dash
  • Art Moves Midtown
  • Blueberry Festival
  • Pirate Pride
  • Salty Sprint
  • Stingray Stride

  • The Big Run
  • Battle for Independence
  • Flip N
  • Life Point
  • Tri-Span
  • Run for the Light
  • Summer Sizzler
  • Run for the Light
  • Bigg B’s Run to the Music
  • Go, Jump in the Lake
  • Octoberfest
  • 911 Memorial Run
  • She Rocks
  • Good for You
  • Ocean Isle Beach
  • Run for the Ta Tas
  • Son Run
  • Trick or Trot
  • Trooper Kevin Conner Memorial
  • Battleship
  • Black Dash
  • Friends School
  • WB
  • Wilmington Historic

  • WB Turkey Trot

  • CB State Park

  • Wilmington Women’s

  • Dashing thru the Glow

  • Jingle Bell Run

10K Division:

  • Valentine
  • Oak Island
  • Hound Hustle
  • Tri Span 10K

  • Run for the Light
  • Summer Sizzler
  • Go, Jump into the Lake
  • Battleship 10K

15K Division:

  • Beethoven 15K

  • Octoberfest 15K

Half Marathon Division:

  • Holden Beach
  • Ocean Isle Half Marathon
  • Run Oak Island Half Marathon
  • Sunset Beach Half Marathon
  • Wilmington Marathon Madness Half

  • Oak Island Half Marathon
  • Run Ocean Isle Half
  • Battleship Half Marathon
  • Historic Half Marathon

Marathon Division:

• Run Oak Island Full

• Wilmington Marathon Madness Full

Trail Run (10K or less):

  • Copperhead 20K Relay
  • Southern Tour 50M Relay
  • BNP Trail Jam 5K

  • Blue Clay Breakout 6M
  • Carolina Beach State Park 5K

Trail Run (> 10K to 1/2 marathon):

  • Copperhead 20K
  • BNP Trail Jam Half Marathon

  • Blue Clay Breakout 12M
  • Carolina Beach State Park Half Marathon

  • Trail Run (Marathon & Ultra):

    • Southern Tour Ultra 50K
    • Southern Tour Ultra 50M

    • BNP Trail Jam Full Marathon

    All questions, concerns, corrections, and other inquiries may be sent to the Committee via email to:



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