River To The Sea  

March 15th 2020

Mark Your Calendars for Sunday March 15th 2020

The River to the Sea adventure run is a unique event that tests your ability to navigate the shortest (or most fun) route from Downtown Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach.  Secret clues given out the morning of the run will guide you from checkpoint to checkpoint so the best course will change from year to year.  Approximate distance of the race is 11-12 miles.

  •         No set course for this run
  •         Run solo or grab some friends to help figure out the riddle location for the next checkpoint
  •         Discover new areas of Wilmington navigating your shortest path
  •         Prizes and animal crackers will be waiting at the finish at The Workshop (right next to Kohl's Custard at Wrightsville Beach). (Coffee and beverages are on your own so bring some $$$.)  Check them out here: https://www.theworkshopwb.com/

The River to the Sea adventure run starts in downtown Wilmington in front of the Coastline Convention Center.  This event is open to members of the Wilmington Road Runners Club. 

The history of this race dates back over 15 years and was started as a tribute to Jim Rich by his friends.  Jim lost his battle to cancer and we remember all love ones we have lost with a moment of silence just prior to the start of the run. 

You will receive your first clue in the form of a riddle or picture-clue to get you to your next checkpoint. A minimum of 3 checkpoints are on the course.  We change up the checkpoints each year to keep it fresh!  We will  have a case or two of water at checkpoints #2 and #3, but please bring a handheld bottle of your own just to be safe.

The race will cover a course from 11 – 12 miles (depending on who you follow) and will end at YUP…The Workshop (beside Kohl's Custard at Wrightsville Beach).  Animal crackers await you at the finish!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND…reverse starting corrals!  This will help all of us finish around the same time. Runners will start based on the following so show up and we will send you on your happy way towards the beach:

Starting corrals are as follows…(by the honor system on how you plan to run):

  •      12+ minute per mile – leaves at 7:00 a.m.
  •      10-12 minute per mile – leaves at 7:20 a.m.
  •           9-10 minute per mile – leaves at 7:40 a.m.
  •           Sub-9 minute per mile – leaves at 8:00 a.m.

Winners will be determined by shortest distance…and maybe even the longest distance!  Make sure to bring a GPS watch to show your distance or run with someone who has a watch…or just come for the fun and camaraderie!

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